Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Top Most Trusted, Well Respected, and Stable Get Paid To [GPT] Sites We Know Of [Top Site List]

Having been employed and immersed in the Get Paid To site and CPA network industries for the past decade I’ve been able to enjoy having all the popular GPT sites continuously ‘on-my-radar’ so to speak.  I’ve also learned to become keenly aware of the signs (chatter, etc.) given off when a GPT site is doing well and the site admin and staff are all on the up and up with regard to their attitude and intentions concerning site members.

Yes, I know you may have heard similar language from others in the past but let me assure you that everything I tell you here is entirely factually true!  In fact my family and friends pick on me at times because while growing up then I decided early on that I valued hearing and telling the truth – they say I’m honest to a fault (and I am)
Below is a list of the Top GPT Sites (in my book) that I consider to be Most Trustworthy and Stable thereby worthy of my respect and having earned my respect.
I present the list (below) to you for your consideration while you may be choosing the next GPT site to join.  All the GPT sites I show and recommend to you here are always Totally FREE to Join and Earn (important!) You’ll NEVER be asked for dime one!  These GPT sites are for YOU to Earn!  …Not for You to Spend (now isn’t that refreshing to hear?):

The Top Most Trusted,
Well Respected, &
Established Stable GPT Sites
Now Read That Over Again One More Time &
Notice What Each Word is Telling
You – Yes, This is All Entirely True!

NOTE:  What sites are featured on the list are the product of a subjective decision as to what sites I, personally, feel should be there (that decision based on many objective factors I weigh for each site) Also,the list order is entirely meaningless as to be fair to all the sites all the list items had been randomized before posting this.