Fake Sites Popping Up All Over Stealing Words and Phrases from Me – Even Quoting My Domain Name – FreeCashPro.com

Yes, I’ve heard that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but please forgive me as I am NOT FLATTERED and not the least bit amused at this increasing bullshit lately !

I’ve got Google Alerts set up for a ton of words and phrases that are important to me. Lately I’ve increasingly been getting alerted to my own domain name FreeCashPro.com being quoted on web sites (mostly Chinese scam sites) having nothing whatsoever having to do with me. There are fake loan sites, phishing sites, hack sites, and you name it – it’s really starting to piss me off royally!

Now I guess I can rest assured that apparently mentioning my web site domain name on other sites might be a sign that my name has become known and recognized as a symbol of quality and a mark of excellence but this all is starting to get crazy in the sheer volume of times and places my unique domain name is being misquoted on this or that scam web site for no apparent reason.

I apologize for this post that I guess serves no purpose other than my own venting but this situation is just outrageous.  I think is goes without saying (but I’ll go ahead and say it) that if you see my domain name or unique phrases that I use on my own site quoted on any other site then please do not automatically assume that I have anything whatsoever to do with nor do I endorse whatever they are peddling.