Improve SEO by Acknowledging High Quality Backlinks that are Likely Already There or Can Be Generated for Free !

Building High Quality Backlinks FREE – by using the amazing number of sites that are ALREADY linking to your site (many of which just need you to type in your URL to initialize their link):

I got the inspiration for this idea from observing and analyzing all the services that the site greatdeas4us ( ) has posted in its footer.

Take a look at the footer of this site. At first glance you may think of reactions like ‘banner farm’ like I did at first UNTIL I analyzed what was going on there. Please note this site already has a Google pagerank of one (PR1)

Upon my closer inspection I discovered a few things that lead to a complete epiphany of thinking. Many of those busy looking groups of tiny icons linked together utilize a technique that I believe is most effective grace in genius! If you click on a few of those tiny banners you’ll discover what I did that caused a major rethink in SEO strategy.

Not too long ago I read a release from Google indicating that they have enabled a new algorithm that discourages (actually demotes rank) low quality usually paid for backlinks and rewards sites with high quality backlinks from sites that are respected in their niche. This is not the article I was referencing but it does talk about Google and backlinks:

After years of looking up all my sites on services such as Alexa, HTML validation services, etc it never dawned upon me to value and actually link back to those automatically generated (in most cases) profiles of my sites.

What all those micro-banner clusters are doing are taking loads of those high quality (in most cases) normally dismissed un-linked-to sites and actually linking back to them.

In addition to your site just having a bunch of backlinks to your site just hanging out there going solo then there is the opportunity for you to accomplish search providers noticing all of those positive profiles about your site while also bolstering your site’s potential to increase your search rankings by return links to the sites having high quality backlinks to your site!

At first I chose to simply go with the services providing the pre-packaged code but in clicking on the little icons I discovered that about 50% of the links were dead or went to crappy sites (including a few sites that immediately triggered a warning from my Norton Antivirus apparently containing malicious code which has the potential to get your site flagged by Google for simply having the link)

After that I chose to abandon the prepackaged banner group in favor of going through each icon / link one by one deleting the bad and keeping the good.

One EXTREMELY IMPORTANT (crucial) step to note is that once you install one of these pre-packaged multi-link backlink units is that you must take the time to slowly (not in a hurry) spend time being careful to click on each link in order for the site to build your site’s profile page containing the backlink you are seeking.

If you don’t do this (above) then you run the risk of impotently and uselessly linking back to many sites that don’t link back (they don’t recognize your site until you click – triggering the profile build if one isn’t already there)

What I ended up building by editing out the bad links and in some cases linking them elsewhere, and adding other similar sites that link back to my site (my link unit which is still a work in progress can be seen at the bottom (footer) of my site.

Another thing that bugged me with the prepackaged banner units was that all their links sent the site guest out of my site over to theirs. I modified the code to include a ‘target=”_blank”‘ in the A HREF (link) statement for each so that clicking on the unit opens a new tab or window for the guest (thereby leaving your guest at your site in the background so they don’t get distracted from continuing to browse your own site)

If you plan on using this technique I highly recommend going about it in the way I’ve described throughout this post to avoid getting too much bad with the good (which may tend to cancel each other out or even decrease your rank)

I wanted to add that I’m intending upon creating my own backlink banner box page on a few of my own sites while also providing code (extremely simple HTML code) This is a whole new level of opportunity because guests of my sites will copy the code I provide them and past it into their own sites and (unless they go about it like I have) will also be providing a link back to my own sites (if they are lazy about editing the code) Yes, they will benefit greatly from adding my code but the more people that use my code the more people will be linking to my sites! A win-win !

Once I’m done with mine then I’ll be happy to help people who ask me to create their own brand of backlink banner boxes.  Here is an example of the backlink banner boxes I’m speaking of (but notice this code has many broken links (old code))

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