Unconventional Promotion Technique Using Potentially Viral Popular Images to Promote Your Own Facebook Page and/or Web Site!

A new (to me) web site and/or facebook page promotion strategy I’ve been toying with appears extremely effective and has initially proven to have great potential.  It may be ultimately wrong morality wise (and annoying to some) to claim (in a certain context – but not really ‘claiming’) and edit someone else’s images and present them as my own for promoting my own web interests.  In my book it falls into ‘Black Hat’ promotion behavior / strategy but still basically it’s the same level of evil as as jaywalking (and so many others are also doing this (including many radio stations specifically for some odd reason(?)))

Ok, I do a Google Images search (go to Google search and then click on Images) for a particular topic (like for example ‘Make Money Online’) and then add the word humor or funny to the search string (which brings up all kinds of funny images on your chosen topic)  [Ex; Google Images search for “work at home humor” (click here)] Choose an image that’s hilarious or an image that provokes emotion or heavy thought (something with definite possibilities of going viral and being shared by many)

Make sure that it doesn’t come from some large corporate place that’s historically proven to be a hardliner or strict with people who ‘borrow’ (steal) their images that they offer for sale (like Getty images, etc) – they might sue your ass all the way back to the Commodore 64 days (lol)  Make sure that the image doesn’t contain a copyright statement, other text claiming the image or promoting something else, and doesn’t have a ‘watermark’

Edit your chosen image to strategically add your site URL along with a small bit of short descriptive text to the image in some out of the way position (usually the bottom) and make the text blend in to the color scheme (a few color shades lighter or darker from the background) so that it’s barely perceptible (and so that it doesn’t detract from the main subject matter of the image and they’ll notice it only after they ‘get’ the joke’ and decide to share the image)  I’ve also found that adding a thin border that pulls the image all together while making your additions look like they belong there to be a deterrent against people cropping your contributions out of the image.

I’ve grown fond of the very powerful but still simple Pixlr online (browser based) editor to accomplish high quality edits like this:  http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/

This technique works best if you have a facebook PAGE (not a facebook group) that represents the site or project you are trying to promote.  Post that edited image to your facebook page while adding a few comments related to the funny (or interesting) image, the URL you want to promote, the url to the facebook page (optional), and a few hashtags (also optional) dealing with what you seek to promote.

Then use the SHARE button under that image (in the image post) to share the image to your own timeline, to other pages you manage, and appropriate on-topic groups.  The image (with your URL added softly, all the text, all the hashtags, and all the URLs you posted) will carry it’s promotional payload with it wherever it get’s shared.(as long as the people sharing the image aren’t wise enough to edit your message out of the image, save the image, and upload it to facebook as their own (which actually I’ve been know to do a few times in the past if I wasn’t so keen on promoting some obscure radio station page, etc.)  If the image get’s a good reception and get’s shared by many people that see it then you’ve SCORED (see my example below):

Zombie Cats - Click to See Actual Facebook Post

Zombie Cats – Click to See Actual Facebook Post

Notice that in post view facebook seems to crop the image a bit (just enough to hide the URL that I added to the bottom of the image)  That’s actually an advantage because the viewer doesn’t initially notice any advertising on the image and takes it at face value but once they click on the image then it’s revealed (usually after they’ve already made up their mind that they will share the image.

I will usually add text only having to do with the image (and the joke) as my first line of the post text of the post – in this case I only repeated the text in the image “Zombie cats Up and ready to eat” (to further imply that all that text has something to do with the image.)  Then I skipped a line and added a few hash tags (never hurts) having to do with the subject of what I’m promoting and then the last line contains a clickable URL straight to the web site I’m promoting along with some short descriptive text.

Like I said earlier, ALL of that promotional text payload will always accompany that image when shared along with the a clickable text link going to the place the image came from on facebook (in this case it’s my own facebook page representing and promoting my main promotional target – the actual web site www.FreeCashOnlineTopSiteList.com (and a few other choice on-topc sites that appear their)

Sp you see, it’s a win for you whichever link they choose to click upon (if the click on a link) !  The more people that like and share the image just for the sake of showing the image where they share it are essentially helping you to promote your page and site (though most who share pictures are oblivious to this – they just like the image and what it represents.)