Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Top Most Trusted, Well Respected, and Stable Get Paid To [GPT] Sites We Know Of [Top Site List]

Having been employed and immersed in the Get Paid To site and CPA network industries for the past decade I’ve been able to enjoy having all the popular GPT sites continuously ‘on-my-radar’ so to speak.  I’ve also learned to become keenly aware of the signs (chatter, etc.) given off when a GPT site is doing well and the site admin and staff are all on the up and up with regard to their attitude and intentions concerning site members.

Yes, I know you may have heard similar language from others in the past but let me assure you that everything I tell you here is entirely factually true!  In fact my family and friends pick on me at times because while growing up then I decided early on that I valued hearing and telling the truth – they say I’m honest to a fault (and I am)
Below is a list of the Top GPT Sites (in my book) that I consider to be Most Trustworthy and Stable thereby worthy of my respect and having earned my respect.
I present the list (below) to you for your consideration while you may be choosing the next GPT site to join.  All the GPT sites I show and recommend to you here are always Totally FREE to Join and Earn (important!) You’ll NEVER be asked for dime one!  These GPT sites are for YOU to Earn!  …Not for You to Spend (now isn’t that refreshing to hear?):

The Top Most Trusted,
Well Respected, &
Established Stable GPT Sites
Now Read That Over Again One More Time &
Notice What Each Word is Telling
You – Yes, This is All Entirely True!

NOTE:  What sites are featured on the list are the product of a subjective decision as to what sites I, personally, feel should be there (that decision based on many objective factors I weigh for each site) Also,the list order is entirely meaningless as to be fair to all the sites all the list items had been randomized before posting this.

Friday, February 17, 2017

OfferNation is an Ideal FREE to Join and Earn Get Paid To [GPT] Site with No Downside! Instant PayPal $1 Min for All!

OfferNation Ideal International GPT Site!
Ideal FREE to Join & Earn Get Paid To (GPT) Site Pays INSTANT PayPal $1 Min to ALL - No Downside!

This admin also runs the very successful sister GPT sites and!


These GPT Sites are ALL Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

RewardingWays – Get Paid To Work Online

If you are interested in making money without spending ANY money then give me a minute of your time to explain my 'bag' (what I do for money every day) Hot smile
RewardingWays [ ]
This example is just ONE (1) of about fifty (50) FREE online earning sites that I know of!  ALL of the sites are totally FREE to join & earn from - no one will ever ask you for dime one!  Any/all sites that I will ever mention here are for you to get paid at - never for you to spend any money.
RewardingWays Get Paid To Work Online 
One of my top five favorite such sites is called RewardingWays [ ] and its a totally FREE to join and earn international 'Get Paid To' (GPT) type site!
You have nothing at all to lose because you aren't spending anything except for a slight bit of time getting familiar with this extremely easy to use site.
At RewardingWays there are many FREE ways to earn PayPal cash quickly and easily including responding to real market research oriented free paid surveys, completing no-brainer advertising sponsor offers, visiting other web sites & giving your opinion about them, viewing ads, taking quizzes, receiving free products in the mail to review & keep, critiquing services you receive for free, comparing competitor specifications, prices, & the professionalism of company associates, ordering products & services on a free trial & often 'keep' basis, and visiting sponsor store locations & web sites & reporting back on conditions and associate professionalism!
You also may optionally earn by winning or placing in regular offer completion and referral total contests, daily jackpots, and occasional free money promo code giveaways!
Another way to earn a recurring passive income long term is to refer family, friends, and/or complete strangers to the site (referring others is completely optional)  At RewardingWays they will apply a 25% referral bonus to you for all of your referral's earning activity at the site for life!  ...and that bonus does not affect your referral's earnings at all.
To refer a member then all you need to do (again optionally) is get them to click on the provided linked advertising banners and/or your own personal individually assigned referral link!  If you are so inclined then a very good way of gaining referrals would be to promote your referral link on social media sites, online discussion forums, or by creating your own free to build web site(s)
Nothing prevents you from actually earning $60+ in just a couple of hours here!  Do the above daily and then lather, rinse, and repeat tomorrow (lol) as I do.
RewardingWays GPT
If you remain skeptical after reading all of the above or are unconvinced that all of the above is indeed true then remember that this site is entirely FREE to join involving only a simple very short registration form with no hard questions and the site is extremely newbie friendly! You have nothing at all to lose and you are under no obligation at all by simply taking a good look around!
If you would like to see how many real withdrawals this one site processes each day (many each hour) then they actually make their member payroll of completed payments public at: !
I have been frequenting these sites several times daily for over a decade now and I can tell you that once you get the hang of it (the learning curve is simple and forgiving) then you'll enjoy earning online for free every day just as much I do!   Also, this activity will become the most fun you've EVER had making real money legitimately!
RewardingWays [ ] GPT Site
Enjoy! Winking smile  Questions? Feel Free to Simply Ask Me Anything and I'm Happy to Help! Smile

Friday, January 20, 2017

Brand New GPT Site–Walls Offers & Surveys []

I’m pleased and excited to announce that a brand new genuine ShiftCode based Get Paid To (GPT) site has been unveiled to me just today!  The new GPT site is named Walls Offers & Surveys and it’s brought to us by a seasoned and trusted veteran of the industry.

Walls Offers and Surveys Free to Join and Earn GPT Site

As the banner states, the GPT site has a low one dollar ($1) minimum withdrawal threshold to reach before you may cash out to promptly paid PayPal.  There are plenty of ways to earn including nine (9) popular offer walls (with more on the way), a selection of listed offers, a jackpot, and lucrative offer & referral contests.

  • Referral Bonus Program:
    • Level 1 Downline:
      You will earn 10% of your level 1 referrals earnings.
      You will earn 3% of your level 1 referrals purchases.
    • Level 2 Downline: 
      You will earn 7% of your level 2 referrals earnings.
      You will earn 2% of your level 2 referrals purchases.

Walls Offers and Surveys Free to Join and Earn GPT Site

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Own Your Own GPT Site with the ShiftCode Get Paid To (GPT) Site Script

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The goal of ShiftCode is to bring you the best products in the Get Paid To (GPT) site business, including regular improvements and enhancements to our current products! The Get Paid To (GPT) or ‘Paid to Signup’ Script will allow you to present your members with offers from advertisers, which they can complete to receive a set amount of points or cash!

ShiftCode products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly it tends to give you a smooth running script.

Updates and new features are released on a regular basis, all updates and fixes are automatically inserted and corrected on your site, no need for downloads and reconfiguration.

shiftcoderef468 (1)

Click here to lean more about ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting ! – Learn How to Make PayPal Cash Online Simply and FREE! - a free easy to understand blog devoted solely to explaining the nuances of and the best legitimate and totally free to join and earn sites to visit and earn a significant extra income online in your spare time performing simple tasks such as visiting other web sites, reviewing advertisements, responding to free paid surveys, and optionally referring others (and earning from the work they do)

Again ALL of the sites I've listed on are totally free to join and earn - they will never ask you for a single dime and no investment is ever required or requested.

You have nothing at all to lose - please do take the bit of time it takes to review this carefully prepared informative no BS site - I guarantee you will not regret the little bit of time it takes to browse the site and gain a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.  I've been participating in this make money online for free niche for over a decade now and my blog will serve as a nice primer for the newbie while also containing one-of-a-kind insider tips and tricks found nowhere else for those industry power user members.

This has nothing to do with pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (MLM), so called 'cash gifting' scams, or the like.  My blog shows you (for free) all the best ways and places to earn significant money online without spending any money - it's that simple!

#FreeCashPro #MakePayPalMoney #EarnOnlineFree #WorkAtHome

homecash (3)

Noteworthy Family of Connected Get Paid To (GPT) Sites with Admins that are Totally On The Ball ! Totally Worth Your While and Free to Join!

The following group of diverse Get Paid To web sites have for some time now been operated by a small cooperative group of GPT site and Affiliate Network administrators that have  have gained a reputation and respect for being amongst the (if not THE) the hardest working people in the industry for over a decade now.

If you value patronizing GPT sites that are totally free free from the risk of chaos brought on by the likes of site incompetent or disorganized administrators / site management then this group of sites is for you.  The sites below are passionately cared for and attended to by admins that truly are totally on the ball (and have been now for over a decade)  These sites below rarely (if ever) have been late or short on any member reward payments and prize fulfillment.  These sites always seem to have all of their in-house offers in order, up-to-date, and fresh because they are lovingly attended to by people who care.

These sites always seem to be right on the scene ready to competently make the latest offer walls available for the site members within hours or days of them being released.  These admins always seem to be right there at the ready, willing, and able to promptly the minute you cash out or request another type of reward from any of the GPTs they are in charge of overseeing.  Need help, send an inbox, support ticket in, or ask a question in the shoutbox chat and BOOM, within minutes you’ll have your answer.

You think that surely I must be making this all up and embellishing  most of it but no, there are such admins and sites – all you need to experience the graceful magic of admins that properly know how to manage sites and actually take it to a whole new level of  fine art, intelligence, skill, caring and experience all wrapped up in a small group of admins overseeing the following GPT sites:

Yes, you may recognize a few of these sites as having been owned in the past by other people but today all of the above fall under the same solid management.

…and they also help out on…

The one admin that I know the best and talk to often her name is Kat and I’m telling you that she is one heck of a human dynamo !   I don’t know any of the other admins that help out personally but I can say that as a team then they sure do have their hands full and the are all handling it as champs!

In addition to running these GPTs they also run the extremely popular and affiliate networks too  (and I’m sure other projects are always in the works in the background.)

To sum it all up, I highly recommend all of the above mentioned GPTs and Networks and they are definitely being managed extremely well and I would consider all of these people the most competent and hard working people that I know of in this business!  Thank you for keeping everything (all the sites) so beautifully well kept and efficient !  Great Work !