Yes, the former myth is true! Real money can and does get made by ordinary people everyday on the internet. The trick is to find the real bona-fide paying services and sites – and avoid the time wasting scams.

I have searched for this proverbial fountain of wealth for many years. I also have been disillusioned by sites that seem and are are in fact too good to be true. The trick is that you need a good guide. I would like to present myself as an authority on the subject.

First, let me assure you that I will never post any scam sites here. The links I post here have been carefully placed here by hand because they stand out — and I have personal knowledge and experience that they actually are worth the time and attention. I will not steer you wrong.

In the unlikely event that you feel that a site I have posted here falls below our (yours, and mine) standards by all means please feel free to contact me directly by emailing me personally. You wont get some automated form letter cookie cutter reply, I am a real and interested person.

All these sites below are totally free to join and remain a member (never spend a dime – no investment ever.) These sites will pay you quickly for simply viewing advertisements, visiting sponsor web sites, trying free products & services, and (optionally) shopping with their sponsors.

The sites below are what are commonly called Get Paid To (GPT) or Free Paid Survey Sites. All these are well established and popular sites known widely to be legitimate / trustworthy sources of extra income online.

1) instaGC.com – Receive Instant PayPal, Gift Cards, and Many Other Cash Out Options – No Wait – Instant Gratification!
Get rewarded for things you already do!  Looking for a quick buck? Want your holiday season paid for? Either way, we are here to help you achieve your goal.  You already shop online, search the web, watch videos, so why not do them on instaGC and get rewarded? Each action rewards you with points which can be redeemed for a gift card.  All of our gift cards are instant. You no longer have to wait to receive your gift card in the mail. The code is instantly displayed on your screen so you can use it online or print to use in store
NEW! They also offer INSTANT PayPal Cash Outs ! www.instaGC.com

instaGC GPT - My Personal #1 Favorite GPT!
instantGC - Truly a GREAT Popular Established International GPT Site Above the Rest! (site thumbnail image)

2) RewardingWays.com – Instant PayPal and Many Other Cash Out Options – Earn Today Get Paid Instantly! – Work at Home Stress Free!

RewardingWays GPT Instant PayPal $1 Minimum
RewardingWays GPT site thumbnail image

3) CenterOfPrizes.com – International GPT Site – $0.01 Minimum Withdrawal to Instant Payout PayPal, Bitcoin, Money Order, & Prepaid Visa!
CenterOfPrizes.com - Get paid to complete surveys for cash from home. Instantly earn free gift cards and cash Now!
Center Of Prizes GPT site thumbnail image



PointDollars.com – International GPT Site
$1 Minimum Withdrawal to Instant Payout PayPal, iTunes, eBay, & Amazon

Point Dollars GPT site thumbnail image

CashCrate.com – Earn Extra Cash!
Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!
CashCrate - Get paid to complete surveys for cash from home. Instantly earn free gift cards and cash Now!

Cash Crate GPT site thumbnail image

CashRocketGPT.com – GPT Site
$1 Minimum Withdrawal to Instant Payout PayPal & Other Options
CashRocketGPT is a free to join, legitimate get paid to site that is honest and really pays. Payment proof is available. Forum games, chat games, contests, there are so many ways to earn free money with us!
Cash Rocket GPT site thumbnail image

RewardingWays GPT Instant PayPal $1 Minimum
RewardingWays GPT site thumbnail image

Points4Rewards Get Paid To Site $1 Minimum Instant PayPal
Points 4 Rewards GPT site thumbnail image

KissMyCash.net – International [US/UK/CA/AU] GPT Site
Get paid to complete offers, paid to signup, paid to click, freebies, buy advertising. Earn commissions from referrals, contests, PTC, PTSU, GPT   $1 Minimum Withdrawal to PayPal!
site thumbnail image

site thumbnail image

site thumbnail image

site thumbnail image

site thumbnail image

ShareCashGPT - We Share the Profits with You !
site thumbnail image

Tiki Treasure Long Established Paying GPT Site
Tiki Treasure GPT site thumbnail image

Bank Roll Bucks GPT
BankRollBucks GetPaidTo site thumbnail image

Jills Click Corner GPT is the Most Popular and Active International ShiftCode Based GetPaidTo Site Known!
JillsClickCorner site thumbnail image

Squishy Cash GPT
SquishyCashGPT site thumbnail image

Peoples GPT
Peoples GPT site thumbnail image

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